I am a marriage and family therapist located in Encinitas, California who takes a dynamic approach to providing solutions to resolve current problems and longstanding patterns- The goal is to achieve balance in life.  I integrate timeless Eastern practices with Mindfulness interventions and cutting edge strategies of Western psychology. I offer a full range of consulting, therapeutic, coaching, and assessment services in both Spanish and English.

I have a MS in Counseling from San Francisco State University and I am completing a year long training program with Mindful Schools this July. I have seen first-hand with my own mindfulness practice the extraordinary benefits integrating mindfulness into everyday life has on mental and physical health, professional performance, and relationships. I am inspired to share it with you!

With each personal interaction I grow as a therapist, facilitator, and a person. I am constantly developing a greater appreciation for the beauty, simplicity, and endless possibilities of life.  Iā€™m also constantly being reminded that love and kindness are the essential ingredients in overall well-being. I look forward to working with you!