I work with couples and families on issues such as:

  • For Couples:  Communication challenges; Dealing with and healing a lack of intimacy; Getting on the same page about the big stuff and the small stuff of life.

  • For Families: Supporting everyone in adjusting to major life milestones (entering high school, going to college, new babies); adjusting to life post-divorce, co-parenting, and blending new families together; Improving communication and conflict management between parents and children.

Are you under stress due to your child's difficulties at school or at home? These challenges can effect the overall happiness of your family. I can help you! Collaboratively piecing together the puzzle of your child's needs and creating plans to assist in their success- you too, can feel successful! I provide you with practical skills that you can implement the same day. I am bilingual, offering all services in English and Spanish. I am committed to a culturally responsive treatment for all my clients.